The bat and the vampire made sweet, passionate love and gave birth to me on Christmas Day 2015. Whatever could my future entail? Blood is in my eyes, and I cannot see anything but, and a genuine and homey kind of darkness seduces me with minimal effort until I grow my bat wings and glide through the charcoal sky, off to the midst of somewhere unknown… somewhere, I say… somewhere…


I’m a multilingual singer–songwriter of chiefly gothic-inspired alternative and electronic music. The name is pronounced in English as Mercy Peero, which is a Spanish hybrid of murciélago meaning “bat” and vampiro meaning “vampire”.


In January 2001, I experimented with loop-based music via PC after a cheap keyboard had been my only music-making experience. I wrote lyrics and recorded my vocals for them, eventually exposing my music on the internet with significant improvement over the years. By 2013, I created nearly 250 original songs in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Latin, plus one in gibberish. The songs range from electronica to pop, alternative to rock, and various styles of Latin, of which many were gothic- and industrial-inspired, and others more on the avant-garde side.

I continue to create more music, for it’s become my work of art by combining my four passions: writing, art, languages, and music. Writing is especially a significant passion for me, and I write fiction under two separate pseudonyms. My hobbies keep me quite busy.

My WALMART of interests: Writing, Art, Languages, Music, Alternativeness, Reading, Technology.